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Welcome to LIFEUPWORLD™ where our ATTITUDE is LIFE UP®.  


LIFEUPWORLD was created by Mark A. Sellitto with a vision of wanting to be around more people with positive attitudes, because in life he learned that your attitude determines the outcome of how you live and make decisions day to day. Mark is a passionate person full of energy and believes that everyone has their own unique qualities and should always believe in themselves first. He also understands that life is like a roller coaster of emotions that can be so unpredictable at times that he decided to create a new attitude and mindset for himself by saying two words that he could not only live by but share with his family and friends and in return they could share with others. Those two words came together as LIFE UP because (life) we all share together and (up) is the direction we should be trying to live. The goal is to build LIFE UP into a new attitude/ lifestyle called lifeupstyle and create products that inspire and motivate people to continue believing in themselves 100%. This is a journey of motivation that is lived one day at a time together so lets try to inspire each other to live confident, motivated and positive because the future started yesterday. "LIFE UP, Live The Attitude” -LIFEUPWORLD 




LIFEUPWORLD™ is where you can experience the "LIFE UP" attitude and be inspired to inspire others. #lifeupword
Mission: to bring inspiration and motivation to you, to live confident,  motivated and positive one day at a time. "If YOU Have A Mind YOU  Have A Choice”
LIFE UP® is a genuine attitude/ mindset to live confident, motivated and positive one day at a time. #lifeup "Your attitude determines the outcome of your day."

LIFEUPWEAR™ is a clothing brand created with inspiration and motivation to inspire men and women globally to showcase their attitude and style. #lifeupwear
"The Brand Inspired By An Attitude To Be Worn With Your Style." 

LIFEUPSTYLE is to showcase your LIFE UP attitude by inspiring and motivating yourself and others. #lifeupstyle

LIFEUPKIDS™ are kids inspiring to be future heroes of the world by living confident, motivated and positive.  #lifeupkids

             LIFE UP® is a registered trademark owned by LIFEUPWORLD,Inc   (creative life brands)

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